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Trunk Mat without Non Slip suitable for Citroen Berlingo (1996-2010) suitable for Peugeot Partner (1999-2008)

Suitable for

Citroen Berlingo I (1996-2010) Peugeot Partner I (1997-2010)


This polyethylene trunk mats are designed and made exactly for the type of your car. Carpet perfectly fits the contours floors & trunk and protects the original carpet against dirt. With the high quality materials used, this polyethylene mats and trunk liners, can easily be cleaned by conventional detergents. This car mats have a 3 cm raised edge, which is used for water retention eg. in the winter, thanks to this region can be increased without any problem carpet removed and pour the water out. The advantages of Rezaw dedicated polyethylene trunk liners and floor mats: - perfect dimensional accuracy according to the type of vehicle - made of high-quality polyethylene - easy maintenance - increased 3 cm edge - long life material - customized fixation system - odor free
Modelis BERLINGO (MF) (1996-)#BERLINGO Caroserie (2008-)#BERLINGO Caroserie (M) (1996-)#Partner I (1997-2010)
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